Crewelwork is Child's Play.

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Crewelwork Class

There is something so evocative about children's story characters and play things but none more so than charming nursery essentials. Even wee beastie bugs can be adorable and appealing in the right setting!

Crewelwork child's bedcover with bugs and animals
Crewelwork child's bedcover bugs and animals

Louise Dawson, our resident teacher, will be bringing out a beautiful child's bedcover decorated with little bugs and animals, for her booked out class 'Introduction to Crewelwork' this Saturday. The bedcover was stitched in the Wemyss School of Needlework in the 1930's and has been the source of much inspiration over the years for some of our kits and classes, including CAMEL BIRDS and LION.

Crewelwork is a wonderful, centuries old technique and Louise will be teaching a range of stitches to create replica bugs from the bedcover to inspire a crowd of beginners to take up this highly addictive activity.