LION in January Sale

LION in January Sale


Normal Price £30

Design Size:

Approx. 15cm (6in) square 

Kit Contents:

Linen Twill 38cm (15in) square, screen printed with outline


Appletons Crewel Wool

Instruction Booklet with stitch chart and stitch diagrams

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This Lion Kit is based on part of a child's crewelwork bedcover in our collection.  The bedcover was stitched in the School in the 1930's and it, in turn, was inspired by an image we hold in the archive of a 17th century English embroidery which is held by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  Having seen the original piece in the V&A recently what became clear was that our bedcover was based on our black and white photograph as the original is on a much smaller scale and is worked in silks and cottons and incorporates many gold and silver threads.  Helen (who used this piece as a teaching project for a class at The School) used a similar colour palette to that on our bedcover but changed the stitches used in order to provide a range of stitches to teach in her class.

Our Camel Kit is designed to work as a pair with the Lion.  Both kits use the same colour palette but different stitches. The two are available as a combined kit.

The Single and the Two Birds Kits, as well, are based on elements from the bedcover.  They also use the same palette but with the addition of more colours and more adventurous stitches.